Whats the reason of choti cut


Anatolia features what some have interpreted as an early example of a śikhā, perhaps the mark of a priest or shaman The śikhā may also be referred to as 'choti', 'kudumi' or 'chuda'. com/mhonenewz Follow us [[getSimpleString(data. It is a name of . "Choti ki Mystery": Continuously incidents are increasing reaches from Haryana to But no one has yet figured out who is behind the this, what is the secret. Traditionally all Brahmins must wear a choti but as time progressed the practise became Is there any historical reason for keeping shikha on their head? But women do not cut their hair, because their other lower chakras are not good 12 घंटे पहले Mystery behind women choti cutting, दिल्ली, यूपी और उत्तराखंड में एक के बाद एक सामने आ रही चोटी कटने की घटनाओं से Aug 1, 2017 Choti cut incidents in Haryana and NCR, Segment-1 Like us On : www. "Choti ki Mystery": Continuously incidents are increasing reaches totaltv. facebook. in/user/newsDetails/3667Aug 3, 2017 Today, a pony-tail of the woman has been cut off on the road. They all had their hair cut to have a top-knot. under, adding that it was the primary reason for not filing an FIR yet. . The sikha or shikha means flame, powerful, ray of light, peak of a mountain. Jul 14, 2017 Sources told SWNS that locals have shared WhatsApp messages since last month warning of “hair chopping” by a group of men practicing Aug 4, 2017 A 'choti cutting' victim shows her hair that was cut mysteriously on Wednesday What began as obscure cases of women's braids being cut Aug 4, 2017 What prompted the alert was a series of 'choti-cutting' incidents that have both have said either a man, a cat or a ghost mysteriously cut off their braids. reason)]].