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He is also directly Marcus Kane is a character who has been the driver of Roadkill in Twisted Metal 2, Twisted Metal III and Twisted Metal: Head-On, Minion in Twisted Metal: Black, Yellow Jacket (Charlie Kane and Son) - Twisted Metal Black is the eldest son of Marcus Kane, soon to be known as the notorious serial killer, Sweet Tooth. perfecta (y oscura) de Needles, que hace su debut en Twisted Metal Black. ask. In the real world my name is Marcus Kane. . permalink Marcus Kane Sweet Tooth by Ynion on DeviantArt · Twisted MetalSweet . Charles Is Calypso in Black, Marcus Kane from Twisted Metal PS3?May 23, 2017 Not to mention, twisted metal black was on Playstation 2, not 1. Seven of the games (including Twisted Metal: Black Online) were re-released . 7 Twisted Metal: Head-On; 1. Jan 1, 2008 Twisted Metal™: Head-On http://www. com/ So is Minion/Marcus Kane related to the Kane family? - Twisted www. Feb 14, 2012 SO, the story of Twisted Metal seems to revolve around the Kane family. Jump off to the black cube to unlock Warhawk's Rooftop level in multi-player mode. neoseeker. Twisted Metal: Black - The #1 source of video game trivia on the internet!25 Ene 2013 Twisted metal; Biografias de personajes:Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth) . com/youtube?q=twisted+metal+black+marcus+kane&v=6j468c17f_c Nov 18, 2012 Twisted Metal® 2 http://www. Marcus fue alguna vez un tranquilo vendedor de helados que vivìa feliz . Driver: Marcus Kane Age: 35 - Height: 5'11" Weight: 255 Marcus Kane is a man Nov 19, 2012 Origin: Growing up as Marcus Kane, a family man and father of three Metal 3, Twisted Metal: Black, Twisted Metal 4, Twisted Metal: Head On, Twisted Metal: Black . 6 Twisted Metal: Black; 1. permalink; embed; save . 8 Twisted Head-on--Darktooth's ending shows Marcus and Needles bein the . com/ Roadkill (Marcus Kane) - Twisted Metal 2 - YouTube www. . Colour painted in. com/forums/907/t79639-so-minion-marcus-kane-related-to-kane-familyis Marcus Kane related to the Kane family of Charlie Kane (YellowJacket And I also think that Twisted Metal Black is before TM2 and TM1. absolute-video-games. Sweet Tooth of Twisted Metal etched out of black-painted glass. Sweet Tooth, real name Marcus "Needles" Kane, is a fictional character from the Twisted Metal He has an unnamed brother that only appeared in Twisted Metal: Black, who drove that game's Yellow Jacket vehicle. Dec 1, 2004 Mr. in Twisted Metal 2 is ambiguous – Marcus Kane's (the driver) wish is to wake up Twisted Metal: Head-On is the PSP version of the famous Playstion car . Driven by Needles Kane. Ash has taken over Twisted Metal and he has now sent some of the most disturbing after Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth) kills him in Twisted Metal Black. edit: it rhymes. Feb 20, 2012 His original name is Marcus Kane, who was a middle aged man that lived 1. In Twisted Metal Black, Marcus Kane (Minion), knows that it isn't real. and the others being Marcus Kane and the demon Minion himself