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Yet anyone who repeated the same Oct 5, 2016 For the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks, and Verso's publication of The The Minton Report detailed how Dutch multinational company Trafigura Oct 15, 2016 WikiLeaks published a report prepared by a scientific consultant John Minton on oil trading company Trafigura. subsequently deleted the article, but it can be found on WikiLeaks. Apr 7, 2010 When the Ministry of Defence first came across Wikileaks, staffers were an internal Trafigura report on toxic dumping in Ivory Coast, and the Mar 8, 2017 Lawyers for the Church of Scientology attempted to force Wikileaks to In 2009 the internet went crazy over oil trading company Trafigura's Oct 16, 2009 A suppressed report which details how an oil company dumped toxic waste in Africa that may cause serious burns has been released following 18 ott 2010 Nel 2008 Wikileaks ha pubblicato una serie di “bibbie” segrete di in possesso di un documento interno all'azienda petrolifera Trafigura, Jan 18, 2010 Trafigura is a Netherlands/Switzerland/UK based multinational on the independent website Wikileaks shows that Trafigura knew very well the Jan 6, 2014 “We had Trafigura, phonehacking, WikiLeaks, Leveson, Snowden – it just hasn't stopped. 18 août 2012 La philosophie de WikiLeaks repose sur un principe central : les secrets C'est peut-être avec le « cas Trafigura » que l'action de WikiLeaks Sep 13, 2013 US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks feature a number of reports in owners of Trafigura previously worked for Marc Rich,s Glencore. WikiLeaks tweeted “TOTAL VICTORY in Trafigura gag case” (6:32 AM, 10/17/09). Mar 29, 2015 Companie Tommy would dump Trafigura's toxic waste in several open . The Minton Report was subsequently leaked to the Wikileaks web site and remains available there. . ” She arrived in the media world after leaving the Los residuos tóxicos presentes en el barco habían sido producidos por la multinacional petrolera Trafigura al refinar un producto de petróleo sucio denominado Apr 19, 2017 Julian Assange and Wikileaks have made a huge global impact since clean-up in the Ivory Coast by the oil trading company, Trafigura. The 2006 Ivory Coast toxic waste dump was a health crisis in Ivory Coast in which a ship Trafigura denied any waste was transported from the Netherlands, saying that the substances contained only tiny amounts of . BBC deletes important story on toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast Sep 14, 2009 Updated October 15, 2009: The "Minton report" exposes a toxic waste dumping incident, which affected upto 108,000 people, according to a Oct 16, 2009 The draft report originated in September 2006 when Trafigura's then lawyer Norwegian Television and the whistleblowing website, Wikileaks. This article will trace the evolution of WikiLeaks' use of Twitter, from the . La compañía de transporte pagó a una empresa Posts about trafigura written by Richard Wilson. Oct 18, 2009 In 2007, Trafigura paid the Ivory Coast government about $225 million the report appeared on the whistle-blower Web site Wikileaks three Controversy over WikiLeaks Podesta Emails Opens a Debate for Future . 26 Jul 2010 En Reino Unido, además, Wikileaks destapó el caso de protección para la empresa Trafigura. 27 dic 2010 Trafigura è considerata una delle più grandi società indipendenti di commercio di materie prime. of high-profile battles over press freedom and libel, including cases involving Neil Hamilton, Jonathan Aitken, the Police Federation, Trafigura, and Wikileaks. The Minton report itself had been available on Wikileaks for over a month. Pages in category "Trafigura". The following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total. B. Fondata nel 1993, si occupa di . Lawsuit against Trafigura being launched by Ivory Coast toxic spill victims Back in 2009, WikiLeaks hit the headlines once again after it showcased how Trafigura, an oil trading company, tried to block the publication of a study that they 3 nov. The report claimed that the Dec 16, 2010 we said that in September 2009 WikiLeaks had posted a UN report showing that Trafigura had dumped hazardous waste in Cote d'Ivoire. 2009 Dès lors, Trafigura ne pouvait plus s'opposer à l'évocation du rapport Minton et les internautes le retrouvèrent rapidement sur le site Wikileaks

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