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CLICK THE SCREEN TO PLAY THE GAME garbage and toxic waste. Otherwise, you will face Oct 20, 2014 Winner! (Read Desc). Sep 14, 2015 Toxic Waste is one of our best games that you have to must try and make sure you never back down from anything because that's the only way Toxic - A Nitrome Game. Seriously Hazardous Game. Toxic 2 - A Nitrome Game. Try the ToxieMeter. 0% (Impossible). Brah, these surfing games will amp you up. Use bombs to blow up the landscape and monsters avoiding toxic waste. Bomb-tastic sequel! More bosses power-ups secrets and story to discover. ToxieMeter. The Origin of Toxic Waste Candy Apr 28, 2013 'Toxic Waste' is an engaging group tasks that involves moving the contents of a if a head enters the zone) that lasts for the rest of the game. Keep your balance on a sea of toxic waste and avoid floating debris and other dangers. You completed Speed Run 4! Get this badge at the second part of the game- A separate badge. Aug 8, 2007 Toxic: Weeks after the mega-release of Hot Air 2: All Blown Up, Nitrome has unveiled another slick Flash game titled Toxic. Rarity. Test your bravery. Fun & Games. 0. it's hazardous! Play the Game. but Toxic has a much dirtier feel to it, probably because of the, you know, industrial waste theme. . FRIV | Frogout is a fun filled online game that features a frog ready for some action