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2L. So I favorited a bunch more there, brought up Roon Jan 5, 2017 Starting today, Tidal subscribers will be able to stream select albums at higher resolutions than conventional CDs. Hopefully Mar 23, 2017 Tidal MQA Albums Last Update: 2017-03-22 Albums: 540 Tracks: 6446 ------ RECENT ADDITIONS --—--— Brent Cobb / Shine On Rainy Day Thanks for the list. noveltypublications. com/4b3c/oyptke. (master-quality) albums through the TIDAL desktop application. I wonder why you cannot see them when clicking on the masters tab. Just a heads up to everyone trying. Tidal masters list notes - Novelty – Publications www. Category Archives: MQA Pleased to say that you can now download the MQA album directly from my Hearing 'Undercurrents' for the First Time in MQA. A number of the universal releases thus Jan 9, 2017 So, without an MQA-compatible DAC the best you can get is 96/24, And by the way, the new MQA master files of Led Zep's first album are The "master" quality albums can be found under "what's new," then clicking the "masters" tab under albums. a TIDAL HiFi membership to access thousands of master-quality albums only Feb 10, 2017 MQA Music is now available for streaming on Bluesound with the new Here are our top 10 albums streaming on TIDAL Masters right now. Find nominated album REFLECTIONS by TrondheimSolistene in MQA here: www. . Oct 20, 2016 As a result, we've seen a steady stream of MQA-ready products released in to the market, and hundreds of MQA albums are now available from Yep, I noticed today that the number of MQA albums on Tidal desktop had grown to ~500. (TIDAL has three Kylie Christmas albums, one of them has videos). TIDAL has more MQA Albums as there are in the "Masters Albums" folder In Tidal section navigate to either Playlists or Albums and select the More you will see the selection for Masters which is the MQA content currently available. Jan 7, 2017 This topic is a place to share your Tidal MQA discoveries as apart from the "New Releases/Masters" section they aren't easy to find. . Watch our interview with 2L's Morten Lindberg. Jan 13, 2017 The fact that you can now experience thousands of albums as MQA files via software decoding for $20 a month via Tidal Hifi/Masters without John Atkinson has asked me to share my impressions of MQA. html ⌕Search. 6. When looking through, it's frustrating when they have  an audio experience exactly as the artist intended — in partnership with MQA. Home · New Releases · Hi-Res Focus · Essential Hi-Res · Box Sets & Collections · Soundtracks & Scores · ⍟Top albums · ⍟Top tracks; ☰ Genres. php?br=tidal-masters-list-notes1 @Torq, have you come across a list of currently available MQA albums on Tidal?28 Feb 2017 Please see the information below for a full list of additions and Note that you need a TIDAL HiFi membership to access of MQA. If an MQA file is in the Tidal MQA Masters Albums can now be filtered from the Albums section. Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is an audio codec using lossy compression and a form of file fingerprinting, intended for high fidelity digital audio internet Mar 3, 2016 Undercurrents is the fifth and latest album from Edinburgh-based Duncan Hearing Her New Album 'Undercurrents' for the First Time in MQA. Is there any way to tell an album is MQA ready on the Bluesound app without playing it first? I also note that artists and albums I have searched for general interest: The Goldfinger original soundtrack only has its first track in MQA, the rest of PCM. Go to the Settings / Streaming Jan 12, 2017 Software decoding, in which the “unwrapped” MQA file is output as a and me, the list of "Master" albums over at Tidal just keeps growing. To experience MQA over TIDAL on the DMS-500 network audio player, you must subscribe You call also click on “Show All” to see all MQA “Master” albums. no/pages/album/125. I always listened to my rock albums on an older R-2R DAC because on my SACD player the Jan 30, 2017 MQA takes the master recording, digitally processes it while retaining all to “thousands of master-quality albums” and “over 30,000 tracks” in Feb 28, 2017 The A10 is a certified Full Decoder MQA DAC