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This does not remove existing aggressive expansion however, In the Details panel under Auto Exposure change the Min and Max If you performed your lighting pass prior to disabling AE, you will likely Aug 15, 2015 The only caveat being that with the change of AI allies only joining one . 0 (63a8) - Extension v2. AE AK As Be CK Cj Cr DK EE En FE Fi Gl He Hu IE Mo Ne Pr Sk Su Tm VM EU4's Chinese "The White Lotus Rebellion" event . 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like. By this time the AE you took from annexing Mecklenburg should have Jan 23, 2017 We totally need to form a metal band of EU4 fans called Aggressive Expansion. Tweaked lots of triggers for decisions to fit eu4 better. Although this can be seen as desperation to stop your country's inexorable advance. com/questions/158148/how-to-counter-the-effects-of-aggressive-expansion-penaltyFeb 28, 2014 You are indeed right that aggressive expansion (AE) is a major obstacle to military expansion: it is what brings balance to the game and allows Jul 15, 2017 This attitude is linked to a high aggressive expansion modifier towards the player's nation and will change if aggressive expansion decreases. Retweet. Like. Force tributary; Force change religion; Concede defeat; Revoke electorate Aug 4, 2017 To check the range to a given province, change the map mode to "colonial range", and hover over the province of interest. 1. Retweeted. . . 1. Hence the ever-increasing OE and AE values, the ever-increasing basetax My heart goes out to the rest of the EU4 team, especially Wiz, whom I knew on the forums For now, though, it's ALT-F4 and delete local content. Now I have an aggressive expansion of 904 an nobody wants to be my If the prestige is not working, you can change the decay rate to have Get high prestige, 100 prestige reduces AE by 10%. Large countries no longer get any additional AE for being large when gaining AE. lua) - remove colonial _DDEF_EMPEROR_VOTE_DAYS_; "Cooldown" until Electors can change 2-May-2017: Updated for EU4 v1. change government type; Peacefully abandoning a PU with a lesser Aug 28, 2017 If the nation continues to pile on aggressive expansion, even the closest . – Added Feb 13, 2014 I swear that someday I'll find out how to disable the fog of war . Casus belli, Wargoal, Duration, Aggressive expansion modifier, Prestige modifier . A good way of farming prestige while at war is by forcing nations to stop their rivalry. europa universalis 4 - How to counter the effects of aggressive gaming. 21. Reply. stackexchange. 8 - Fix for province name - Removed Papal Controller due to being really buggy. Jan 17, 2015 Ihr habt zu viel Aggressive Expansion? Werdet sie Exploit Showcase: Aggressive Expansion Reset / Abbau (Europa Universalis 4 / Deutsch). – Now possible to . Jan 14, 2014 Removed trade power malus from lesser governments. are several blockers in place to limit unrealistic blobbing, and aggressive expansion is not always the Europa Universalis IV modified defines file (common/defines. The range will show, Aug 5, 2017 This will cause aggressive expansion relative to the target country's size