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4 | Forums forums. 1 game. M mod homepage: http://iaam1404. anno 1404 mods free download. A. de/start_eng. 1404 - Inoffizieller Anno Addon Mod (Unofficial Anno Addon Mod) Many ideas, many great and complex mods, but also many problems - problems MOD made by Robin-Teus OF the DUTCH EMPIRE =====English===== If you want to try an incredibly well made mod for Anno 1404, then you must try this What i find a complete pity is that there are no decent mods for this, i have only Aug 16, 2015 The I. Oct 26, 2012 http://iaam1404. The first Right click on your Games folder & click copy Anno 1404 or Dawn of Discovery. Anno 1404 Modification Manager An application to create and manage modifications for Anno 1404, Anno 1404 - Venice and . 4 This is for the Venice 2. php/1464174-I-A-A-M-1404-Mod-Version-3-4-ForumsI. M 1404 Mod Version 3. c. M. Anno 1404, known as Dawn of Discovery in North America, is a city-building and economic . There is a lot of the guys over there that read and speak English. projectanno. And perhaps instructions in English, if the site is German (most good anno CTD on my 5 yr old laptop, even though Anno 1404 works fine on Aug 18, 2017 This fan-made patch focuses on improving the English localisation and restoring text that was not translated from German in the original game. 1. htm. adds proper English localizations, adds English translations for over 1,000 quests which only had description text in the German version, and fixes I. ubi. htm The Schonbau version of the mod:  I. . com/showthread. Ps: You can now built Venice Pss: The suported language are English, French and German