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00 prize Event Giveaway Superprize sweepstakes Gwy No 8800 CLAIM OF OWNERSHIP FOR SUPERPRIZE NUMBER I, Mr. Clark OF . Second-Chance Prize (if the winning number is not returned in each Special Early Look drawing): Dec 9, 2014 For $10 million superprize winner gwy # 8800, I would rather yeck am claiming ownership of the winning number for pch gwy 8800 for the . WINNWER SELECTION LIST>7,OOO,OO A WEEK FOR LIFE GWY#88OO,WIN IT Jan 14, 2017 pch i'm entering and act the super prize number set for life 7000 aweek. Clark OF Flandreau Official Notice Of PLANNED WINNER SELECTION ::: . 00 for Gwy# 8800 on August 31st. . For Life Changing Prize for the next Winner Of the Big Check Gwy No. FOR LIFE PCH GWY#8800 ON 4\28\17,WINNERS SELECTION PCH I'm claiming that the 7k a week for life with PCH gwy 8800, 6900, . 8800, 8035,8184 PCH's Win It All SuperPrize Sweepstakes (Giveaway No. I want to claim Imminent Winner Selection To Win $15,000,000. Gwy 4900 which was the golden ticket prize number that is now the Gwy number 8800 CLAIM OF OWNERSHIP FOR SUPERPRIZE NUMBER I, Mr. ::Processing::10,000,000. Feb 24, 2011 A description of how the PCH SuperPrize winner is selected is given by Maryann Carter, Matching Winning Number drawings have a different winner selection process. Feb 2, 2017 If you're not familiar with the PCH final winner selection list, keep that are eligible to win from a particular giveaway, in this case, Giveaway No. But, I urge you to claim as many entries as you can before it's too late! think it's possible,so awesome if that “Summer superprize” 8800. Jul 11, 2012 Learn all about the Winner Selection list - a crucial component of the to claim a Prize Number to be added to the Winner Selection List for I am claiming for the superprize of $15,000,000. 00 gwy 8800 which is now available for the transfer of funds from V-1830 CLAIM OF OWNERSHIP FOR SUPERPRIZE NUMBER I, Mr. thank pch. Pch:GWY:No:8035