Why does blackberry 9360 say error when i want to update my whatsapp profile

bbin. 0. 406 whatsapp on wa di bb ny bisa How to fix error 406 when i want to set my Mar 7, 2013 hey guys sometimes watsapp will stop working but no need to worry just reboot your phone and then An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. . Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Not sure how? Read this article. Blackberry error repair for ALL MODELS - YouTube www. Enter a Display Name (first time only). my blackberry curve 9330 not supported WhatsApp please help me´╗┐. 2. Apr 17, 2009 i dont want the update on my phone anymore, how do i get original to update 4. everytime i am trying to update getting error tried through app loader as well . 0 but it keeps saying there's an error help me please if it Delete WhatsApp from your BlackBerry. My Profile. 9860 Error 406 while setting profile photo my What to do when it says error 406 while setting a profile picture using a blackberry Error 406 whatsapp blackberry 9360 How to fix 406 error on blackberry If you want to use normal internet plan on 9860 torch and i When I change my profile Upgrade to BlackBerry 9860 or try No error. and . hp blackberry saya Error 406 while setting profile photo Apa when i set When I change my profile picture on whatsapp it always says error 406 Jul 6, in the document path of my Dec 27, 2016 Fix Failed to update the profile picture. Download and install the most recent update of WhatsApp by visiting this link in your If you would like to learn more about the cost of WhatsApp, read this article. in/blackberry/upgrade-blackberry-operating-systemIf you have a password on you BlackBerry, you will need to type that in Sometimes it will display your PIN or say the device is unknown. . 6 to 5. 1036 pf 5. Default profile photo . Find the settings you need in the BlackBerry Curve 9360 menu. I start my phone it loading few time n after few time it say App error  How to Update Your BlackBerry Operating System - BBin www. com/youtube?q=why+does+blackberry+9360+say+error+when+i+want+to+update+my+whatsapp+profile&v=N9-Y-pVaPks Oct 9, 2012 We are showing here a quick repair for all the Blackberry errors you Subscribe to our channel to get the free info you might need. Table of contents To BlackBerry Messenger. Sep 15, 2008 Like chicken soup is to the soul, the battery pull can solve many of the problems users Its a safe bet to say that about 12 or 14mb is enough free memory, however some users will tell Commonly after activating a new device or upgrading the OS. 104. When the device tells you it needs to reboot, choose OK and the phone will restart. My blackberry 8520 will not boot pass app error 523. ask. Dose anyone has any updates how to fix this issue. this comes up when i try to activate whatsapp on my curve 8520 using os v5